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Introducing a World First Social Rating Sport Platform for Amateur Sport Players and Coaches to rate, compare and evaluate performance.


Sport is our playing field. Ultimate Aim is a social rating app for athletes, fans, and coaches for many different sports. The platform enables amateur athletes to keep track of their strength and conditioning development; fans can rate athletes’ live performances; and athletes can compare themselves against one another. This is why we live and breathe “Ultimate Aim. Enjoy your game.”


Our journey started in an office, mapping an idea as to how we could revolutionize the Amateur Sports World, today. We ultimately want to put enjoyment back into the hearts of amateur athletes, fans and coaches. This led to the development of the Ultimate Aim platform, which helps individuals to keep believing in themselves and to keep their hopes alive.


How does it generate income? About 90% of revenue comes from online business solutions while various reward services can also be leveraged and monetised for a speedy ROI. Become part of this revolutionary world first platform! We invite you to peruse our content and would like to showcase a live demonstration of the exciting solutions it brings to amateur sport. Contact us today.


A Problem Worth Solving

The sports industry has enjoyed prolific growth in the last decade. KPMG noted that the entire global sports market is estimated to be worth between $600-700 billion a year. Despite the growth of media rights revenue, TV viewership is on the decline. The focus has instead shifted to other broadcasting media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which has now become the preferred, go-to platforms for sports fans. Enter the age for the Ultimate Aim App.


Ultimate Aim provides athletes and sport teams with an online social platform where they can access invaluable feedback on their performances on-and-off the pitch.


We provide fans with an online platform where by they can rate and compare players, teams, coaches and referees. Fans can upload videos and photos of amateur games and be rewarded by our built-in blockchain technology.


Our platform is community driven and enables the local guy near the local school the opportunity to sponsor a team or athlete. Ultimate Aim creates real time ROI and feedback for local sponsors. By paying a monthly fee the sponsor gets advertising space on the news feed, whilst teams and athletes get a percentage of the income.  Online product sales are also available for all sponsors.

Our Solution-Driven Interface

The ultimate social rating sports platform where:

ATHLETES can upload, compare, and track their performance;
FANS can engage and be rewarded for the content they upload, and
SPONSORS can track the performance of their sponsorships.

Feedback and Social Rating 93%
Interaction and Comparison 84%
Tracking and Improvement 91%
Supporter/Fan Engagement 96%
Marketing Platform for Sponsors 100%


The Ultimate Aim MVP (Minimum Viable Product) was launched in February 2018 with great response. The platform was initially based only on rugby with the next phase to include a greater variety of sports. We have since then also secured a partnership for our innovative Reward System, which is based on Blockchain Technology for better adoption and loyalty engagement. 


Video taken with the App.






Video taken with the App.

Download the App

Do you want to rate yourself against other athletes in your sport? Do you want to see where you rank against other athletes in your sport? As a sports fan, do you want to rate the players on the pitch? Or would you like to rate the ref? The Ultimate Aim App is the world’s first comprehensive amateur social rating sports app. Amateur sports athletes can rate their strength and conditioning as well as their on-field performances. Download the app today!

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Bierman Smit

Founder & CEO

Bierman is an entrepreneur who started several businesses whilst still being in High School. He was twice awarded for being the Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

Nico Liebenberg

Co-Founder & COO

Nico is a Life- and Executive Coach in private practice. He has 30 years experience in corporate training, strategic planning, life and executive coaching, mentoring, team building and people development.

Carl Hoepner


Carl has 11 years experience as a Professional Accountant in various industries, practices and several non-profit enterprises. He is well adapt in compliance and oversight management.


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